Learning to Let Go of My Fears

It was my last spring break of graduate school and I needed somewhere cheap to go. My funds were critical because I was planning my big graduation trip (which I'm SO excited for and because student loans love to kill my vibe). So after a few searches, Mexico City became my new destination. 1 week … Continue reading Learning to Let Go of My Fears

The Things They Don’t Tell You

Study abroad they say, it fun, easy & great. It is, there not wrong... But when you come back life changes. If your life me you hate your uni and thats prob why you study abroad..when you come back tou hate it more! Things aren't the same, your friends didn't change like you. Politics and … Continue reading The Things They Don’t Tell You

Last Week

I feel like everyday I wake up and before I go to my bed I catch myself reflecting. Regardless of my hate for my living conditions, this has been the best semester of my life. Not for the basic reasons of traveling to Europe and taking amazing photos for social status. But because of everything … Continue reading Last Week