Can you get it in Morocco? Yes Any where?  No Proper research shows that henna can actually be dangerous. My tour guide recommended me to not get henna done by the women on the streets. They are known to mix the black dye with a chemical harmful to the skin. I got mine done by […]


Haggling is the way of shopping in Morocco. If you don’t know what it is here you go: basically when looking to buy gifts for your friends at home you go to these little shops. When you ask the vendor how much he or she will say a price, that price is usually super high […]

Off Season

I’m not sure if it was off season or what but in both Malaga, Spain, and Morocco (Tangier, Tetouan, Chefchaouen) I barely saw tourist. In Malaga it was a struggle to find someone who spoke English. I tried to ask a waiter if they accept cards and they couldn’t understand me so I had to […]


So I went to Morocco/ Spain in November and it was kind of warm. It was about 75 degrees, the sun was beaming strong. I put my feet in water at the pool and beaches. It felt GREAT, especially compared to London where it was 30 degrees, gloomy, and rainy. Interestingly enough in both Spain and Morocco […]