Please Leave

This past week was my fall break and I went to Amsterdam and Scotland. Both places were A BLAST! Unfortunately there were some downs on trip which made me feel uncomfortable and a little embarrassed. I was denied service twice on my trip. 1st Amsterdam: My friends and I (all American and minorities) went to eat at a […]


The food in Amsterdam is great, I’m pretty sure I ate too much and I should probably go to the gym today, but I’m not because I have another trip tonight. CREPE CREPE CREPE they are the best and everywhere in Amsterdam! I probably ate like 6 of them, and it was my first official […]


After buying space cake within 5 minutes I saw 3 girls hunched over puking on the floor outside the clubs. Please note it was only a Tuesday and so any people were getting turn “af” My friends and I were chilling at a bar until it reached 1am and they told us they were closing […]

Ganja in the Dam

ITS LEGALIZED AND ITS GREAT Typical American response to how was Amsterdam, but really the culture there is so different. The atmosphere is very chill, the air is clean, the people are laid back. A place where drugs and sex are legal many would think is a wild place but in actuality everything is so […]


So in a few hours I will be taking a never ending night bus to Amsterdam via national express. I’m not really sure what to expect I heard Amsterdam is chill but also a little wild! I’m staying in the red light district I’m a little excited and scared but whatever! Im dreading this bus […]