My First *real* Solo Trip

First I apologize for not writing any posts on my blog for a while, life has been crazy. Thankfully, I’m slowly coming back and fighting through it all.

But in other news so I’m going to GREECE, by my self. omgomgomgomgomg

This is my first real solo trip. Yes, I have been to London a few times by myself, but I have been there way too many times. (and they speak English so yeah not so scary)  So this is my first time going to a country I have never been before, by myself, and I definitely don’t know the language. I did pledge in college so I know the Greek alphabet. I thought that would help, but I just looked at my Airbnb address and it looked so foreign :(, God plz send help.

Anyways it really hasn’t hit me that I’m leaving until now aka the night before. Only because I just realized that I’m flying with Emirates aka they have the worst carry on allowance. I think I actually have to check a bag UGH. I packed my bags so nice and then had to repack it because of their 7kg limit. Then, I just realized I don’t have a travel plug adapter for my laptop so how am I going to attempt to do my h.w? Thank God for Target’s store pickup.

But on a positive note, I definitely need to do this. Not just to prove the people who told me to cancel the trip wrong, but for myself. To do something a little out of comfort zone and to enjoy it all. I really need this trip now more then ever. My life was recently flipped upside down so a trip can give me a break from it all.

Wish me luck :)

(I am completely freaking out inside, nbd)

(but I can do this)

(I think)

(I know I can)


(yay to all the new friends I’m going to make)

(Wow, i need to visit the other new friends I made)(ilyall)

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