What now?

I’m at the point in life where I’m conflicted.

The world is mine, it’s at my fingers tips. I wanna do every and anything, yet at that same moment I’m scared. A thought it more easier than an act, ya know.

Following all these solo travelers is such a tease. I just wish I can do what they did & enjoy life. But I’m scared. I have dreams and goals that were fixed by the society which I live. No one tells you that when you grow up you find out that most things were basically a lie. Ya know? You have the power to do what your heart desires and no one can control that, BUT YOU. Yet you still need to find the balance between dreams and reality. Bills need to be paid, expectations need to be reached. How do I find that balance though.

How do I tell myself to not quit my job and attempt to solo travel.

How can I pick where to go with my limited vacation days.

How do I stop the thoughts of moving to London. Away from everyone & thing that I missed while I study abroad.

I’m scared because what happens if I fail or don’t like it. Then I’m stuck. I’m scared to get in the car and go without a map or even a destination.

What if I don’t like where I end up or th route I took to go there.

What now

One thought on “What now?

  1. iamgraceaji says:

    Thats right i also would like to know how do you get two months holidays how do you pay your stay? How to choose a destination? How to leave your responsibility? How to live free…it seems so alluring. But i find it difficult to follow. To all you travellers please enlighten!

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