Tourist v Traveller

I constanly find myself fighting the urge to travel among my peers who want to go on vacation and tour.

To each their own, but I find most vacations stupid, unless you are adventerous then power to you! People save all this money to stay in a over priced resort secluded from the people and its culture. Yes tourist may take in the beautiful view and eat the cultures food, and might do a few activities.. for a week and leave.

WHATS THE POINT? Yeah I understand people need breaks from the lives they live blah blah blah. Your life should not be that stressful… But anyways. BE A TRAVELER! Do a low budget trip, interact with locals! Do a mission trip to help other struggling. Hear and see the lives of others. Don’t let the expensive gates hold you back. 1 week vacations are nice but they don’t really change you they relax you. Living in Europe was best experience of my life I got to see different parts of the world and realize I know so little.

I honestly can’t wait for my 2 week trip to Kenya! Living in a homestay and helping women’s education is gonna life changing. I wish I could stay longer, maybe one day😬

One thought on “Tourist v Traveller

  1. Moritz says:

    You are absolutely right. You shouldn’t need a break from your life, you should really make your life holidays every day. Having the chance to travel is something truly amazing :)


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