Live the Life You Want

Traveling has showed me a lot of things. Ever since I cam back I have realized a lot about the world and different lifestyles.

I feel like people get so comfortable in what they do and where they are. Money is the motivation and once we start making it were content because in life all you need is money to pays bills.. thats the focus of it all right? Thats why we get an education, who cares if your degree has nothing to do with your job or even if it does? WRONG WRONG WRONG

Ever since I been back I realized I’m young and my life is about to start after I graduate so why not do what I can immediately before obligations and restrictions hold me back. I love learning and my biggest goal in life is to see the world and embrace all it has to offer. With this being said I refuse to be comfortable, stressing over an 8-4 job and going to school. Instead I’m making it a goal every year to travel to a new country for about 2 weeks. Don’t fet comfortable and don’t be scared. Life is limited so go beyond your reach!

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