Post Travel Feels

I have basically been back home aka New York for about a month. It has been a pleasure to be back home with my family and in my own bed in a place where I feel comfortable.

Yes when you come back the shiney new toy metaphor applies. Everyone will want to hear about your stories and everything that happened abroad. While this conversation is being held you will realize you can’t find the right amount of words to summarize what you saw and how it changed you.

I guess you can say living in London has caused me to change my look. The only major change was cutting my hair.
I now receive many compliments on my look, its professional, mature, posh, and even cosmo. A twenty one year old who can pass for 25 depending on the outfit, haha.

The compliments are all nice until you go deep below the surface. The type of topics I want to discuss and the activities I want to do are different from my peers. I feel like I stand out, but it doesnt bother me. I embrace growing up and seeing things different. While many see post study abroad depression obnoxious and annoying I embrace.

I’m not sad, I’m anxious for what my future holds. Financially I can’t book any more trips so I am forced to culturally educate myself about those abroad.

I love it & I love what I’m becoming. Yes it does suck that the people you were once comfortable with can’t mentall relate. But life is a growing process, people changed just give them time… introduce them to new concepts and ideas.

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