The day I thought would never come . . . my last day in London is tomorrow. I kind of wanna cry as I write this because I’m overwhelmed and lost with my emotions. No words in this world can describe my experience this semester.

I’m so excited to go home, I miss my family, friends, and NEW YORK SO MUCH. At the same time I really don’t want to leave. Studying abroad was the BEST experience of my life thus far. This semester I was given the opportunity to visit 7 countries (England, Germany, Paris, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, and Morocco). Each country was unique with their culture. Lasting impressions and unforgettable memories were made.

This semester was beyond amazing, yes there were some bad moments but WHO CARES!? The thing about living abroad is that you learn a new sense of being thankful and blessed. You don’t let the little things bother you because your time in the country is limited. The best thing about traveling is the knowledge you acquire. Learning the different between a traveler and tourist. Seeing how your country is portrayed to others around the world. (Yeah I was hit with sarcastic comments about guns and racism in America, but I move past it)

As I come home I’m nervous about the transition back to my regular life. The difficulties communicating what I saw and experience abroad. How I can relate my new habits to my friends back home with out being judged. It’s gonna be hard, but who cares. Life is about being who you want to be.

My advice to all is to TRAVEL. Take the risk and book the trip. It’s scary to come out your comfort zone, but still do it. YOU WON’T REGRET IT. Embracing a new country is an experience like no other. I promise you will come back a new person. Like it or love it, you WILL experience things like never before.

” Travel is about learning, about crossing boundaries, mastering the fear of strangers, about making the effort to understand other cultures, and thereby empowering yourself.” – Fatima Mernissi

Goodbye London,

Goodbye Fall 2015



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