Two Weeks


It’s funny how months ago I was so anxious to come to London and liv eon my own in this big city. Oh how the tables have turned. I’m running out of money, I hate school, and I’m over London. Homesick is an understatement!. As I deal with a few personal problems which have greatly affected me, I am remaining strong.

Funny how it year end, holiday spirit in the air and a good amount of people in my program are sad or opposite. New relationships here are crumbling. What was once considered a dream come true is now a nightmare.

I just wanna tell everyone keep their head up, but there is no getting to them.

We all have the blues and were all over London and it’s posh ways.

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One thought on “Two Weeks

  1. Kongo Mum says:

    Awww, sorry to hear that you are bored of London. I’ve always thought that you cannot be bored in London as there are so many things to do (free as well as those to pay for). But I get what you are saying, especially when you run out of cash. Life become so limited then. I did a work placement abroad (West Africa) as a student, and after 4 months and with far less money (and no job) I just wanted to go back ASAP. Good luck for the last two weeks. Try to make the most of it as much as you can as you will live this experience only once.

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