Sleeping at the airport

You read it right and yes I did it. Never would I think the day would come where I cancel my hostel and make an airport my home for 6 hours.

Like I said before and will say again traveling and studying abroad opens the door to new opportunities and experiences.

As a New Yorker I was told to always be alert while in public places so I was not about sleeping a Malaga’s Airport. The airport was empty and kind of scary. I was having second thoughts about what was about to happen.We could not pass TSA because we needed to check in first and Norwegian wouldn’t let us until 5am.  My friends and I were starving, nothing was open, but Starbucks so I was forced to eat a nasty ham and cheese sandwich. After we ate my friends were determined to get sleep, so we made our way to the airport seats. I saw no outlets or cushions so I was already miserable. One by one my friends started to fall asleep, I was tripping off of my caffeine kick. As tempted as I was to watch Netflix I couldn’t because I needed to save my battery.

After hours of talking to my friend as she typed her paper I finally crashed. I physically could not sit up anymore. I tried to get comfortable in the stiff chairs, but no luck. Sleep was not going to come to me. After an hour of attempting to sleep check in was finally open and I got my friends up.

The purpose of this story is to say yes if you have a night lay over and don’t want to waste money on a hotel or hostel or a taxi. YOU CAN SLEEP AT THE AIRPORT, YOU WILL SURVIVE!

I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and did my hair ritual as if I were home. It sucks but its do able and convenient. Depending who you are with it can me fun, remember just stay positive and remember you will reach your destination eventually! :)

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