We Love Spain

We Love Spain is the BEST PROGRAM EVER. There are many programs students can use when they study abroad to help them see the world and feel comfortable doing so. Some are more money than others, many people think the more expensive the program the better it is which is a lie. I have heard people who have done Bus2Alps which was $700ish BUT LIKED WE LOVE SPIN MORE which was $200. There are so many out there, you just need to do proper research.

My trip to Morocco with We Love Spain was the best trip of my whole semester. My trip included housing, meals, and transportation. The housing was not Hostels but HOTELS. I did not need to use shower shoes. The beach was in my backyard. I was lucky to be given a chance to eat Moroccan food. Some meals were buffet style while others were full coarse meals. They even catered to my vegetarian friend. I was lucky to stay in various parts of Morocco, the transportation was perfect it was a coach bus for my group. We had a tour guide and a program guide. While we walked around the cities I did not feel scared, there was security with us.

This program is the best thing one can ever do and I recommend everyone to do it, you will fall in love with the country and the program.

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