How to Dress

As many of you know, Islam is practiced in Morocco. I was freaking out on what to wear, I wasn’t sure if I had to wrap my head, and wear long dresses to cover my whole body. My travel program stated we can wear whatever we want but I didn’t trust that. I did not want to be in uncomfortable situations with men who though I was signaling something else.

I decided to wear jeans and sneakers everyday. For tops I made sure nothing had a deep revealing cut. Some of my tops were see through so I wore shirts underneath. Surprising there were still girls in my program who wore short dresses and shorts. One girl had all of her boobs out. As we walked together we felt the stares come off strong! I didn’t have to wrap my head but at time I did just so I can blend in with the crowd, I was tired of people asking me for money and staring at me. I hope this act did not come off as cultural appropriation.

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