Haggling is the way of shopping in Morocco. If you don’t know what it is here you go: basically when looking to buy gifts for your friends at home you go to these little shops. When you ask the vendor how much he or she will say a price, that price is usually super high so you can say no I will give you half or any price lower. Sometimes they agree, other times they will give you a new lower price. You go back and forth between prices until you both agree on one. As you haggle more you learn tricks like walking away once they say a high price, they will immediately lower it because they want your money.

Do not be scared or surprised by how aggressive some of the shops are. They just want your money, so take charge, be confident and be smart.

*Please be careful with your money and belongings when travelling. There are many street people selling stuff who come out of no where. Sometimes they won’t leave you alone but just keep saying no and get away from them. When someone on the street hands you something DO NOT TAKE IT. For example in Chefchaouen as my friends and I walked around, women started to wrap our heads and told us to take photos. After we were done they took the scarf and asked for 2 Euros. It was so unexpected, so always say no unless your willing to pay or always ask how much and make sure they stick to it.

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