Since I’m nearly done with study abroad why not share tips to make sure you have the best experience abroad?

  1. Do not make Netflix or keeping up with your shows a priority. GO OUT AND SEE THE WORLD. TAKE A WALK. GO TO THE PARK. GET LOST, FIND A NEW PLACE, TAKE A FEW PHOTOS. LAUGH AND EXPERIENCE LIFE. You are in a new country, who knows when you will ever be here again? Once you leave you will regret the days you stayed in and napped, Netflix, stayed addicted to social media. Yes we all need down time to relax, I’m not against it but do NOT lock yourself in your room. It’s just stupid especially as a study abroad.
  2. Do not get used to having food delivered. Yeah we all have those days when the weather is crap, you don’t feel like getting dressed or you’re sick. Please remember you are surrounded by food you will never see again. So get up, get dress, and grab a friend to get some food. Try to avoid take away unless you’re gonna be cool and eat in like a park or something.
  3. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON EVERYTHING YOU SEE IN THE FIRST MONTH. You will definitely regret your last month when you scrambling for money to buy lunch haha. Also utilize your change and stop breaking bills.
  4. Do make friends outside your program because you’ll be surprise what you can learn from other people. I am meeting people from around the world, creating new relationships, learning new daily facts.
  5. Do go out and part, rage, repeat but don’t think that’s what you need to do every weekend. Every country has so much to offer, so go out and embrace it. Meet a local, see a play, read a book, visit a historical place
  6. BE OPTIMISTIC, BE HAPPY. Love who you are and where you are. Embrace everything the world is giving you. Turn problems into learning experiences. Don’t complain because it doesn’t change the problem or situation. Being miserable just takes away time from the happiness you can be enjoying.
  7. Take risk! I don’t mean anything that will get arrested, but yes take risk. This is the time to try new things and experiment. For example I cut off all my hair and decided to go natural. It scary at first, but it only feels right. What a better time to return home brand new?
I def have more advise, but its 10:53pm, I had four classes today, went to the gym, and wrote half of my essay haha. Just look forward to new post with other great tips.

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