ISIS? Refugees?

It’s kind of weird that everyone else is concerned about my safety and I’m just here chillin. Not that I don’t care or I’m oblivious, but there are other people actually suffering. People near me who actually woke up thinking like me that their day would be normal when in reality it was totally opposite.

It’s sad, it scary. Such a group is attacking from everywhere. Feelings as if no one is safe. . .

At the same time living abroad has shown me a new perspective. Me being who I am I think it can be said that I support refugees coming to Europe and America. It wrong to generalize and associate a religion with terrorism. People are so absent minded and self center. Ignorance is truly blinding people. The fact that people don’t want refugees because they believe terrorist are among them is stupid. These people are leaving because they seek safety. As years passed there lives are in constant danger. People are so concerned with their own safety that they are rejecting someone else’s. It’s not human, it’s not love. It’s not who we are or how we should act.

Being abroad and traveling, I am blessed to say I am given a chance to see things from all sides and perspective. I hear people’s story, who they are and why they are here. I witness the struggle of traveling with family for safety.

Experiencing life from all directions

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