Counting Down

It’s funny because you would think that since I have less than a month left I would explore London as much as possible. Instead I’m doing the total opposite. I’m stuck on this constant routine or sleep, eat, maybe hit the gym, do NON STOP HOMEWORK. My life is now revolving around the non stop essays my professors have assigned me. Ironically I know some people who have only one to do, while I have to type up 5.

Surprisingly the more I type the essays the easier they become. Yeah I do have my daily mental breakdown where I’m ready to give up on the world and cry in bed. To avoid this I give myself a pep talk and get back to work. I am proud to say I have learned to type up 2,500 words in less than 24 hours… realize I’m not a procrastinator so this is out of the norm for me. Since I have so many trips booked the same time my essays are due I am forced to complete my essays a week in advance. Annoying? Yes, do able? of course

” The grades don’t transfer” which is what everyone says.

My reply is “it doesn’t matter” I was never raised to achieve for less, therefore I won’t let this experience change that. Besides the master programs I am applying to request my grades from London.

Never the less this Thursday, on thanksgiving I leave for Spain. On Friday I will be in Morocco. I literally can’t wait.


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