Please Leave

This past week was my fall break and I went to Amsterdam and Scotland. Both places were A BLAST!

Unfortunately there were some downs on trip which made me feel uncomfortable and a little embarrassed.

I was denied service twice on my trip.

1st Amsterdam: My friends and I (all American and minorities) went to eat at a cafĂ© along the canal. We entered the establishment and the waiter/ cook paid us no attention. He quickly walked by us when we entered, time passed as we waited for him to acknowledge our presence and he DIDNT. My friend had to tap him so we can get the menus. Finally we got a menu and went to sit outside to eat. He came to take our order, we ask for tap water he said ONLY STILL, we asked for coffee he said NO HOT DRINKS, we asked for breakfast he said NO FOOD. Before we knew it he grabbed the menu out of our hands and we were just sitting there looking confused and shocked. Meanwhile there was a couple next to us eating and smirking. We decided to leave and eat somewhere else more welcoming and polite.

2nd Scotland (Edinburgh): My local friend took us to a pub off of high street. We (Americans/ minorities)  walk in and were immediately greeted with unpleasant stares. Our local friend walked to the back room to grab a table since the pub was full. When we went to follow him security stopped us and asked for IDS. My friend showed her Texas ID and the security guard said no only UK IDS. We were confused because we would obviously not have them since we are study abroad students. We tried to reason with him, but he was not with it at all so we were forced to leave.

I honestly can’t wrap my mind around the idea or concept of people disliking or even hating someone because of who they are. Yeah I’m American and I’m “black” so?

The fact that its about to be 2016 and people are still being stereotyped, bullied, discriminated, and so much more truly bothers me. As a human I try to tell myself it will only get better, but I always second guess myself.

What a world we live in where peace, equality, and happiness, things that will benefit all is hard to achieve and reach. For that same reason it doesn’t mean we should give up, but try harder.

If only ALL of my people could clean up their act then we can get the white man to love and respect us.

First end black on black crime then black on white.

Wanting someone to respect us when we don’t respect ourselves

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