Learned From What I Saw

After walking around a bit, I realized two things: Young girls love to wear makeup, I literally passed 13 year olds wearing a full face of Kim Kardashian makeup. Not only did they wear makeup but they didn’t like to wear clothes. Crop tops were in regardless of what shape the stomach was in. I did this trip in October so I can only imagine what it is like in the summer My friend told me his little sister wear booty shorts and crop tops, yet still at school she gets made fun of for being modest.

After speaking to a local he told me that in America he fees that we rush and time everything. In Europe everything is more relaxed, as I have seen when I waited 10 minutes for my tea in Starbucks compared to waiting a minute in New York City haha. It was 9:30 and our friend wanted us to eat breakfast from a pub. Unfortunately things on the high street don’t open on time. We walked into this place and asked what time you open, he said ” 11, I think?”

I was honestly very confused and surprised.

One thought on “Learned From What I Saw

  1. Rica Chua says:

    Change will always be inevitable and it involves all aspects of life, including generations. I guess that’s just life… it’s full of surprises, sometimes happy but mostly something we can’t even react properly about.

    Anyway, nice post! Have a nice day!

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