Scotland Weather

I stepped off the coach bus and I could not feet my feet. It was a rainy and gloomy day in Scotland. I found out the hard way that Scotland gets more rain that London lololol. Since my friend and I had time to kill before we could check into our hostel we decided to do a free walking tour. Before the tour started the guide asked us will we stay throughout the whole trip because of the weather.. We said yes but we actually didn’t. haha But I assure you it wasn’t because of the weather, but because we had to meet up with our friends. Surprisingly the locals we met up with told us this is the best weather they had thus far. Note that the time we met them it was much warmer and the sun came out. The next day it was warmer, and the sun came out. . . As we drove to the highlands it did start to poor and get a tad cold. The say we left, Sunday it was about 60 degrees with plenty of sun, how ironic. As I write this post on the bus back to London the sun has disappeared and fog is everywhere.

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