Learning From The Locals

For my second half of fall break I decided to go to Scotland (Edinburgh) with a friend in my program. She told me we would be meeting up with her best friend from high school who goes to uni in Scotland and lives with her boyfriend. I was really excited that my travels would be based on a locals perspective. It was interesting to hear things from a native’s point of a view. Her boyfriend told us quick history facts and showed us places to eat and drink. Thankfully the coupe had a car so they drove us around, out of Edinburgh and toward the country side of Scotland

I recommend that if you do know of anyone living in the country you want to visit, please meet with them at least for a few hours. I have a close family friend who lives in London that I have visited, it was cool taking a journey into a area I don’t know. When I met up with him he showed me around the area where he works which is Croydon. Next I plan to visit my uncle, I’m not sure where he lives but I will be sure to tell you guys about that visit.

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