Food Review(ish)

When in Rome. . .

Since we met up with locals of course I tried the local food, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a choice haha.

If you have food allergies or complications I suggest you google or ask what’s in the food before tying it because the ingredients are very interesting.

Haggish: I tried a bite of it, it was pretty good. The taste was a mix of potatoe and a beefy like flavor.

Black Pudding: Umm I pass on this one, it came with my breakfast.. I was not really to fond it. I have to pour brown sauce and mix it with my beans to get it to go down smoothly.

Empire Biscuit: THE GREATEST TREAT ON EARTH OMG. I ate it with some tea at a café near Loch Lomond omg it was great. It was the perfect amount of sweat, I recommend everyone try it.

Millionaire Short Bread: It was REALLY sweet, if you don’t like caramel don’t get it. Sometimes I can eat caramel but t was too strong for me to be honest but it went don great with my tea.

Irn Barr Bru: Fun Fact I learned, Coke is not popular in Scotland instead they drink Irn Barr Bru. I tried it, it taste like bubble gum and cream soda. My local friend told me that there is a secret ingredient in it that is not disclosed on the can therefore it can not be sold in America. Some believe it is alcohol because when people are hungover they drink it to take away the pain. It has been said drinking more alcohol will cure any hangover which is why they think that is the secret ingredient.

For the first time I actually wrote down all the places I ate at.

Café Keno: A cute little café located near my hostel ( High Street Hostel). The café was open early and it was very cheap so it was a double win in my book. The first time I went there I ordered French Toast, and it was yummy. The only toppings I had were syrup and bacon. The syrup was yellow but super sweet. The second time I got a bagel with cream cheese and egg. I thought I was the only one who ate that so I was happy to know it was a meal here. It was amazing and I wish I could eat it again.

Jamies Italian: For my last dinner in Scotland I ate at Jamie’s Italian. It was this super fancy resturaunt with affordable prices. I got spaghetti with crab and it was YUMMY AS EVER. I wish I could eat that again, its only cost 8 pounds.

Royal Mile Tavern: I ate lunch here, I ordered fish and chips. It was twice as flavorful than in England. This was where I tried Scottish beer, I believe its called a Tent, it was super smooth if I could I would probably drink one everyday.

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