Coach Buses To Book or not to Book

If you are like me and are ballin on a budget book a coach. I took coaches to the airport, Amsterdam, and Scotland.

The night buses are the best because they go by so fast. The day buses which are usually the buses you take on your return journey SUCK. They are never ending, and make to many stops. Sometimes you make stops for the toilets and food but sometimes you don’t. Currently as I write this I am on a coach travelling to London from Scotland. It was a pleasant ride until we stopped at new castle. This big guy sat next to me, took up his seat and some of mind and keeps falling asleep on me. I honestly can’t wait to get off this coach I swear. The nigh coach to Amsterdam was interesting because we had to stop to pick up people along the way and we stopped at border control. To cross the water the bus took a ferry which was two hours. Thankfully the ferry had wifi and food. Everyone fell asleep because it was 2am when we were on it. Returning to London from Amsterdam the bus got on a train that crossed the ocean. It was about 40 mins long I believe, the only thing I did not like was that there were no windows and we remained on the bus.

The bus can me helpful when in need of help getting to the airport or other countries, it is honestly all up to you. One needs to account for time, money and purpose when planning!

Safe Travels.

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