Female in Amsterdam

As a female staying in the Red Light District boy did I have a interesting time.

It was only a few minutes past 5pm and I saw basically naked women in windows, modeling. It caught me so off guard, I did not know how to feel or what to think. I was surprised to see families walking buy the windows like nothing, the women would smile at every and anyone who passed.

It was a little disturbing at first, but as a slowly walked by I was struggling to find why did a government think this should be okay and legal. At the same time it is probably the views I have been raised with that make me think that way.

Needless to say, if you a women please bring a male companion with you or at least a girl best friend. I stayed in the Heart of Amsterdam hostel, I had a room of 8 beds, all which were filled with men. The age range was from 24- 40. . . it was a little awkward but as the time passed things got easier and we al became friends. Language barrier sucks but you will be surprised what sayings the men do know.

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