When I say everyone needs to go here, I’m not joking. This market made me feel so happy to be in London. Yes London is kind of posh but Portobello is a very chill place. They have everything your heart desires from food to clothes and everything in between.

I decided to walk there all the way from High Street Kensington, it was not bad at all and the weather was nice. The walk was about 30 mins and it allowed me to see a different area of London aka Notting Hill. The homes in that area are very colorful so be sure to take a photo cause I did and got 106 likes on insta haha.

Anyways as I was walking I was very happy to slowly start to see other tourist, its something about being with others similar with me that makes me comfortable. I heard the market is super crowded, so I went on a Friday and the vibes were FANTASTIC. There was walking and talking room, I didn’t feel stressed or annoyed at all.

There were so many vintage shops, with one of a kind old items like vintage weights, clocks, cups, locks, binoculars, etc. There were also a few little pop up shops selling clothes, I will probably go back to buy a poncho to be honest it was only 20 pounds.

Did I buy anything? YES I DID. I bought my mother a beaded necklace for only 10 pounds and I know she will like it. I also bought a bratwurst from this German food cart it was amazing and had cheese in the middle. Unfortunately when I bit into the bratwurst the cheese exploded on my face and ketchup dropped on my new Nikes. I’m pretty sure this couple was laughing at me. As I was leaving I bough a waffle with chocolate and it was AMAZING too, ugh I can’t wait to go back.

Overall if you want to see a different, calm, non city side of London or if you want to buy gifts for your friends and family go to Portobello!

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