Oh so my class won’t transfer. . .

Before I rant on this post let me tell you that studying abroad is a WELL NEEDED experience that you will never forget!

But before you step on that plane please make sure you are registered for classes that will transfer over to your home university.

Because apparently mine did not so I basically took History classes in London for no reason so I have to take them again in the LAST SEMESTER OF MY SENIOR YEAR -_-

Also make sure EVERYTHING IS PAID FOR AND YOU HAVE NO WORRIES OVERSEAS, because once you board that plane it is a struggle to get in touch with your home university.

When it was time for me to register for classes not only did my adviser take so long to get back to me but I was also told I have a $13,000 hold on my account because a loan was not processed properly. No one told my mother or I about this… thankfully after a thousand phone calls and emails we finally got everything figured out.

I’m not gonna lie and tell you things won’t get rough. Bad things happen, you will cry and get frustrated! You just need to remember regardless of the situation you are away overseas so enjoy where you are now because when you get back home the grind starts and things will get figured one way or another!

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