London Weather

“It rains everyday so I should pack rain boots right?”


The weather here has been amazing! Yes I did get caught in a down pour a few times when I first landed but I was okay with my umbrella.

I did not pack rain boots and I am happy to say I am glad I didn’t. You honestly don’t need them you will be fine with leather boots and chelsea boots.

Please just pack a good umbrella that can fit in a small bag. Even though it doesn’t rain all the time when it does it rains randomly. So pack that umbrella and shoe protector.

Even though London is known to be gloomy, I have been lucky to enjoy summer weather for a few weeks.

Overall the weather is hit or miss so just be prepared. I brought a rain coat and a pea coat, when I got here I bough a leather jacket from H&M. That is literally all you need for a Fall semester here in wonderful England.

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