Keeping Up With the Americans

As I live overseas day by day I continue to face new struggles like:

Time zone: London is 5 hours ahead of New York so when I wake up for my 9am class my mom isn’t even awake. Yeah texting and social media sucks especially when you want to get the most likes or hear the latest gossip, trust me you’ll survive.

It does work out in your favor when you need to wish someone happy birthday, or call about a package getting delivered because you are basically ahead of the game.

Television: I don’t watch t.v that much but when I do trust I NEED TO WATCH IT.I love American Horror Story, Scandal, and Empire but I have no television in my prison cell (dorm room) haha. After talking to a few of my peers someone put me on to Couchtuner.. OMG SUCH A LIFE SAVER. Even though I am kinda busy with school and you know seeing London, I have happily been up to date with Empire.

I’m just gonna let the other shows be my little home treat to binge during Winter Break!

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