Social Club

In Paris and needed a place nearby to party so what did we do?

One of my friends found a place called the “Social Club”, it had good reviews and was only 20 minutes away so we went.

We get there at 12,paid 10 euros. We thought it would be crazy packed inside instead it was empty. There was only 10 other people there dancing while music while blasting. The music genre was electronic, house, dup step. As time passed more people started to come in and before I knew it, it was 2am. Funny how everyone was doing the same two step up and down movement. My friend and I decided to enjoy the club and dance with the people in front of the dance floor near the stage. I guess our dance moves were cool because these French guys started dancing with us in a circle.

The vibes were great & chill. I loved it because it was a place where I could go zone out and be free. Even though I’m pretty sure everyone was drunk and on molly I still had a good time and would do it again.

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