1 month

I can’t believe I been living in London for a little almost a month now. My pre departure meeting with my home university told me this is the time where students transition from “OMG I LOVE THIS PLACE” to “homesick”.

As of now I’m not totally homesick, yes I do miss my friends, family, pets, and NEW YORK CITY. But at the same time I am managing.

London in itself is similar to NYC so I guess that’s why the homesick isn’t hitting me so hard. I feel like at the same time I’m too busy to be homesick. If I’m not backpacking I’m somewhere getting lost in London, or I’m attempting to do my homework. That reminds me, midterms are coming up and I have NO exams… just thesis papers. I actually wanna kill my self because my professors prefer that the sources for the paper are from books not online. My programs library is only but so big so I literally have to pull teeth as I research.

Many of you are probably wondering did I run out of money yet? The answer is um no.. I think. I don’t have access to the credit card I am using but my mom has not complained yet. I will say that as time passes I am finally getting used to living in Kensington, it’s a struggle to find a cheap meal but when you do trust you love it a lot. Tesco meal deals save my wallet so much even though the equivalent back home is $5.

One thing I do keep wondering is how will I bring back all the things I bought out here back home. I think I’m gonna throw out half my old wardrobe and replace it with my new clothes… when I figure it out I’ll let yall know haha.

Well its 11:38am I’m gonna get my first meal so I can do my homework.


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