British Museum 

Today I went to this museum to clear my mind and get away from my hectic life. It was actually pretty cool because it was literally the whole world’s history under one roof. Ever since I came to Europe I have been to many museums. They are all so different yet interesting. Unfortunately the museums are huge and take more than a day to fully see and understand. 

I feel like museums have lost their purpose some what, people go for the photos instead of the knowledge but I guess that comes along with technology.

3 thoughts on “British Museum 

  1. I totally get your point on people visiting museums for pictures rather than knowledge. Did you manage to stop by the Africa part of the British museum? For some reason, western museums that I have visited (incl le louvre and british museum) always have a separate Egypt section as if Egypt was not in Africa…

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  2. Yes I did i was determined to find the Africa section first before anything else. And OMG I SAID THE SAME THING. I thought it was only me who realized that. It’s horrible and I also hate how Africa was placed in the basement of the British Museum. This world is so funny I swear

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  3. Tell me about it!! It really angers me; it’s like African art/history is less relevant than other arts/history. If you visit Le Louvre, it’s even harder to find their African section than it is in the British Museum (It also happens to be in the basement!).

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