Sleep When You’re Dead

Weekend trips are exhausting. I did Paris and Germany in two back to back weekends while I was in school during the week.

TIRED would be the word to describe me most of the time during the duration, instead of complaining about it you suck it up and keep living live. Yes you’re tired, yes you will miss your bed, and you probably don’t know when is the next time you’ll get 7 hours of sleep.


I went to Oktoberfest and it was awesome! The journey was tiring, but no matter what you always do sleep . . . eventually. I slept on the bus and plane, then when I finally made it back to the Uni Halls.

Not only does traveling teach me about sleep, but also living low maintenance. Packing 4 days into a tiny Northface backpack is a lot of work. IT IS POSSIBILE THOUGH! Backpacking teaches people how to live with the bear minimums, it sucks but its do able and that is all that matters!

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