London vs NYC

So I thought the people of the two cities would be more similar than different. . .  Guess I was wrong.

Crossing the street: Back home pedestrians had the right of way, UNLIKE London cars have the right of way so you better run or wait till there is no traffic because they will hit you or at least almost.

Walking: In NYC you need to walk with a purpose, don’t get in the way of a New Yorker because you will get cut off and maybe even bumped. Well I thought the same would apply here but apparently not. Many of the locals walk at a slow relaxed pace. God forbid I bump into someone they get super dramatic and just stop there in the middle of the street with a surprised look on their face. My bump was not intentional trust, and I did say sorry no worries.

Subway/ Tube: The subways in NYC are huge but gross. In London there small and clean. It astonishes me how people squeeze into the small tube. Also I’m pretty sure the Tube doesn’t have air conditioning. It gets super hot and I’m actually afraid every time I go on that I might pass out from a heat stroke. You would think since it rains and gets cold that they would turn the air on.. apparently not.

*My British friends have told me most of my judgements are wrong and that I travel at the wrong time.. still this is based off what I’ve seen so far.

Regardless come to London and find out yourself trust me you won’t regret it!


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