Black Hair Travel Probs

So ever since I knew I was studying abroad I had no clue what I would do with my hair.

First I was gonna keep my weave, but I said no because I don’t let anyone do my hair. The summer before London I decided to get braids with a shaved side. I loved it but after a month my braids started growing out and I hate that look.

I came to the conslusion these braids were not gonna last till December so I took them out last night and SHAVED MY HEAD. For the longest I wanted to regrow my hair and was afraid to cut it because of what other people think, but now I don’t care. Now I’m bald and loving life. I feel free and liberated, basically like a new women. If you can pull off the look do it!

Otherwise if this isn’t your thing then PLEASE do proper research on hair braiders and weavers! I see to many women with nasty weaves out here in the UK… DONT BE ONE OF THEM. Haha


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