24 hours in Paris

I arrived here yesterday evening and it has now been 24 hours since I been here. I did this trip through my uni and boy do I sure regret it. I’m pretty sure my hotel is in the hood/ ghetto. Unfortunately Paris isn’t as pretty as the hype but it is still an amazing place I recommend everyone visit.

Yesterday I had 45 mins to find food before the boat trip.. I thought I ordered a deluxe sandwich instead what I actually got was bread and ham. Luckily I  was starving so I ate it with the “sparkling” lemonade. On our way to the boat tour on the river we missed or stop on the metro. Thankfully it was easy to take the metro back one stop and find it. On the boat tour we saw so many beautiful sights like the famous Eiffel Tower. After the tour we attempted to go party but the place we did find ending up almost charging us 10 euros for one beer…..so we ran out haha.

Today I had a schedule bus tour and after I went to Louvre. It was actually very overwhelming, so many different pieces of famous art work.. that INCLUDING THE MONA LISA. It was over crowded and I was tired of walking but I did take come awesome pics. After Louvre I went to Notre Dame, it is FREE so if you can I recommend you go it. Such a holy ground no matter what religion you are.

Thankfully on this day I got both crepes and macaroons! They were amazing, I’m actually stuffed. Along with my goodies I got chicken with fries and salad which was actually tasty and the perfect portion.

*fun fact* I learned today that Paris is probably the only place to have book shops along the river. I decided to buy an oil painted canvas for my grandma I hope she likes it.

Unfortunately this weekend felt more like a tourist then a traveler, everything was main sights to see that didn’t really do anything for me. I guess that’s what happens when the school plans your trip….

Thankfully now I’m relaxing and will soon go out to rage, I can’t wait to meet locals.

*word of advice* If you travel in the fall…..carry a scarf trust me you won’t regret it.!

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