Do’s and Don’t Gemany

After visiting Germany for a little more than the average 2 day weekend I learned a few things like:

  • In Nuremberg basically NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH. If you’re hungry and looking food have a translator ready because there is a 70 percent chance you won’t find a English menu.
  • When you go buy food, HAVE CASH READY BECAUSE NO ONE LIKES CARDS. Unless you visit Dunkin Donuts or Burger King. Let me also tell you burger king fills your cup up only 75% of the way and there are no refills. Please don’t ask for more than one napkin or ketch because you will get a mean stare.
  • Thirsty? I hope you lie carbonated/ sparkling drink because from water to lemonade all my drinks were soda like
  • In a rush? Give yourself more than enough time to make moves in Germany because some of the service is slow, well at least nothing like the service in New York City. I waited 15 mins for my breakfast sandwich at Dunking twice, I almost missed my bus.
  • Sunday? It is a beautiful thing but kind of inconvenient that Sunday is actually observed here as a day off. Many stores and food places will be closed so do everything you need to do the 6 days before. Also don’t expect things to be opened late because it won’t be. Many of the stores me opened and closed early.
  • GET OUT THE WAY! Have you ever learned to ride a bike? Well you should because bike riding is a big thing in Germany. Almost every path has a place for bikes separated from pedestrians. Sometimes the bike path is bigger than the regular path.
  • YOU CANT LEAVE! Surprisingly entering Germany was so much easier than leaving. My passport was checked 10 times before I boarded the plane. Everyone made sure I had the visa stamp which I didn’t realize I need and didn’t have on my flight coming.
  • If your a student no matter where you go make sure to ask for a student discount because all the places I went to visit in Germany had a wonderful discount I was able to use.
Overall my weekend trip was amazing and a one of a kind experience, I hope no one sees this post a disrespectful to Germans I’m simply giving tips that I wish I knew before! :)

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