Today is thr big day I have been dying for, OKTOBERFEST!

So many emotions running through me. I’m super excited, but I’m a little scared. I have no cell plan or data so I literally need to stick to my friends. As of now there should be 15 people on this bus to Munich but who knows who did or didnt make the bus. Our group chat had 30 people on it yet I’m pretty sure not everyone is here.

As for my second night in Germany/ the hostel it was pretty fun. My friends and I found an Irish pub to drink cider and watch the rugby world cup! If was a cool experience even though I don’t understand the game. The best part about it was after I walked alone back to my hostel I was starving. I wanted food, but didn’t know where to go. In my 8 bed mixed hostel was a man from Colorado. He was super nice and friendly so I went off with him to find food. If I ever told my mom this she probably would of killed me.

After last night I think everyone should travel and live the hostel experience. It was really cool meeting the man last night and the woman from the day before. Even though we’re from different parts of the world were doing similar things! It just comforts me to know that there are good people in the world still !

I should probably sleep on this bus so


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