English Please

After today I kind of have much respect for the foreign people who travel to New York City, especially those who don’t speak the language and have the courage to wander about aimlessly during rush hour and ask the working people for directions.

Today my friends and I decided to wander around Germany and it was such a struggle. We started our day with Dunkin which was amazing even though they ran out of eggs for my bagel and I didn’t get a refund lololol. At least they played good music and had a beautiful display of DONUTS

We then decided to walk to the Imperial Castle in Nuremberg it was FREE and pretty. I will definitely post pics. In order to get to the top top top top top part of the castle we had to buy a 2 euro ticket… the view was beautiful. I loved the bird’s eye view. The ticket also included a tour of a well which was 50 meters deep, so that was cool. After that we wandered to vintage/ tourist shops… they were actually cool because they had these various objects that basically preserved history so I bought a gift for one of my friends.

After the castle we went to St. Sebald’s church.. it had a very serious demeanor but the church was also “pretty”, I hate using the word pretty its so basic but my vocabulary to describe objects around me is very vague so please bear with me.

After that I had sausage, potato salad, and BEER at Augutiner Brau Mundhen, ate outside even though it started to rain they had a little cover come out so we can still sit and eat outside. ….. yes the beer is actually strong here I had two and couldn’t even see.

Now I’m back in my hostel, a random guy checked into one of the beds…. hes like old too so this should be fun….

Currently waiting for my friend to fly in to so we can go to the bar haha



Here are some tips for the hostel life:

Always bring shower shoes, and house shoes! Do not forget a towel and always bring a travel lock for your bag because it may not fit in the locks they give ya.

When you are in a foreign country, maps& free wifi are your BEST FRIEND, TRUST ME.

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