Weekend trips… inexpensive but stressful

So this weekend I’m going to Oktoberfest aka Germany and can I just say it has been super stressful planning this past week.

The student who “planned” this trip for us failed to leave out SO MANY DEETZ.

No only do you need to book the hostel and plane ticket but how you are getting to the airport and hostel. My British friend told me about various companies like Easybus which had cheap tickets to get you from the tube to the airport. After using google maps I calculated how to get to and from the airport (cab). Also if you are traveling from the UK to central Europe please convert money from your bank before you go, because my friends are losing a lot of money.

HOSTEL HOSTEL HOSTEL. So I never stayed at a hostel but after speaking to many people and doing lots of research I realized there are a few things you should before boarding that trip like: Check hostel reviews and photos, check what items are free like sheets, towels, wifi, and make or google a hostel check list. also CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE PROVIDER WORKS! Three doesn’t work in all of Europe but they have 5 pound data plans that I actually need to ask about today.

OTHERWISE get super excited to start a life changing trip. I don’t even speak German and I should probably download an app but that’s the least of my worries. haha


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