Roman Bath

Today my program took us to Bath, it is a two hour drive from Central London. The drive was interesting watching England transform from city to country side. 

First I completed a walking tour then got lunch. My friends and I ate at Bonghy Bo Cafe Bar. It’s a Malayasian restaurant. I ordered something with rice, chicken, shrimp, and pork it was spicy and well seasoned. One of my friends ordered Salmon, unfortunately it wasn’t cooked it was simply smoked so she returned it back. The waitress chuckeled at us, but they were still really nice.

Bath is pretty, if given the chance I would recommend anyone to go. The country side is a great change of atmosphere! Ending my trip I stopped at Patisserie Valerie for a chocolate treat. I got a slice of a double chocolately cake it was amazing, I devoured it on my way home.

Currently on the coach bus back, it’s starting to rain… This is the same rain that suppose to kick off my week. My friend told me summer is officially over so get ready. I’m a little tired and still recovering from my cold so I should probably nap. I forgot my headphones and work. i have so much reading to do once I get back.


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