Online banking? Doctor

I am slowly reaching my two week mark and I want to pull braids out this morning.

To start off I’m sick and so is everyone else around me… I can only imagine why… THE WEATHER. I went from 95 degree humidity to mornings of 50 degree chills accompanied by rain.

I think I tried every drug I carried along with me and I feel slightly better. The CVS here is called boots, so I’m gonna stop by and raid there cold medicine section.

In other news WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT AFTER 2 WEEKS I WOULD NOT HAVE ACCESS TO MY BANK ACCOUNT. I have been running through the 6’s and circles trying to access my online account. It is literally such  a process just trying to call my bank. I had to download free tone to call my banks 1800 number because the uk number could not help me. They only helped me halfway through the problem so I hope my mom can do the rest so I recommend you ask you bank all and every question before you board that plane.

In other news I realized I’m going to Oktoberfest next weekend and didn’t know how I was getting from my housing to the airport. My British friend told me about Easybus and National Coach Express which are cheap buses from tub station to the airport. That is the cheapest way so I recommend using it. I still don’t know how will I or I will be able to use my phone in Germany but I guess I have to ask after class.


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