1st day of class and I almost cried

So today was my first day of class at Richmond University, based on the Kensington campus. I had four classes back to back to back. I honestly didn’t think I would survive, but the over priced venti coffee from Starbucks kept me alive thankfully.

UNFORTUNATELY the moment my coffee finished is when my day turned upside down. Who would of thought that downloading windows 10 on my laptop would of screwed me big time!?

My first class went by quick because it was my first love : Travel Writing. I’m basically doing this now so I have no issue doing this for a class.

2nd class: UK & US Comparative History. . . surprisingly I’m actually excited for this class even though I don’t really like History, maybe it’s just the stereotype wrapping my head. To bad I already lost my syllabus, and I fell asleep in class.

3rd class: BRITISH LITERATURE…THIS IS WHEN MY WATER WORKS STARTED. There are only 9 people in the class and apparently everyone had the book, BUT ME. It gets better….we started reading the book out loud in class together. I tried to download it via nook on my laptop but that was a fail. Thankfully the professor stopped before he reached me so I’m good and just finished ordering all my books at 11pm. I have 300 pages to read by Wed, no big deal….

4th class: History of London, I was so excited for this class because I GET TO GO ON TRIPS! But I had a mini panic attack when the professor told us she was going to split us up into two groups and I would be in the earlier group… which would not work out because of my schedule.


I went on a shopping spree at H&M on high street, but cute little things and now I’m gonna scrap book and do my homework.


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