$300 in 3 days

Did not think it was possible, but I actually did spend that much in 3 days here. But to be honest it was on crap. I bought the wrong convertor like three times over! I been eating out non stop, don’t get me wrong the food is lovely but it can be expensive. I first to Old Dutch it has super large panckaces it was actually pretty good. For dinner I had Nandos twice, it is AMAZING Portuguese FOOD! Be sure to try the chicken burgers. Today I tried Wasabi sushi for a bento bowl that had noodles and spicey sweet chicken. It was quite good and only £5 compared to Nandos which was £20. 

The night life here is very interesting especially compared to NYC. I am currently living in Kensington off of High St kens so everything closes pretty early. Also the tube stops at 12 so be prepared to take a cab if you venture away. My two fave drinks here are strongbow and snake bites so be sure to try them if you get a chance. The hangover isn’t to bad haha! 

I honestly love how london preserves history through its architecture its so beautiful. 

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