1st Day

I’m here and its all so beautiful! I have literally been here for a day and I feel so refreshed. The atmosphere and vibes are completely different from those of New York City. I honestly love every bit of it.

Unfortunately traveling here was not as exciting. I knocked out on the 7 hour flight because of nyquil but the woman next to me kept moving so my sleep was constantly disturbed. I got to the aiport at 7:20 am and didnt leave till 10am!? My bags were extremely heavy and it was raining immediately when I went outside. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got sick, my program leader had us waiting outside.

The best part of my journey was when our driver dropped us off half a mile away from our housing. I had to carry my luggage all the way down the block, please note I brought four bags ughh. I didn’t get the housing I wanted, but I got this amazing view  

The school food sucks, so I went to this resturaunt called “Old Dutch” it was a cute pancake place. My food was yummy and so was the cider! Later on that night I did a little bar crawl with my friends it was honestly amazing!
The parks in the London are so peaceful I can honestly live there. 


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