5 Days Till Departure 

I literally can’t believe I’m leaving America in 5 days. It is all just setting in and I’m feeling every emotion. Im excited to be on my own in Europe but at the same time I know I will be super home sick =/

Anyways the purpose of this post is to help other people studying abroad. 

PACKING: My advice is if you have it  pack it. Yes many people say bring 1 suitcase don’t pay the extra fees but why waste money buying new stuff in a foreign country where the exchange rate does not work in your favor! If you have it at home pack it, for example I packed hangers, tissues, soap, lotion, etc! No worries once I return home all of that stuff will be going in the trash so I can have room for my new purchases!

CELL PHONES: DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT USE A INTERNATIONAL CALLING PLAN IF U HAVE VERIZON.  The best way to go is buying and changing the sim card in your smart phone. It will save you tons of money trust me. I will be using Three’s sim card, I have friends who have used it and said its perfect! (They have sim cards with unlimited data for 20 pounds a month, so do it!) Also make sure to download some apps to help you abroad like:

Units Plus: Convert all measurements used in the world from ounces to money

WhatsApp: Talk to your friends and family at home via txt or phone calls

Tube Map: Public transportation map of England that works offline

Frugl & DICE: Let you know about cool things to do and visit in your area

Songkick: Concerts by your favorite artist happening near you

Citymapper: Go to map of how to get from your current location to anywhere using all possible ways ever

MONEY: No matter where you go and the exchange rate I believe you should save as much money as possible. It was really hard for me to discipline myself to save for London but thankfully I have 5k to blow haha so trust me stop spending in your home country. Also I reccomend you convert your money before you go with your home bank. The rates at the airports are a joke.

TRIPS: As many of you know, traveling in Europe is really inexpensive! If you can book flights as early as possible, I booked one to Spain for $70. When i originally found it it waa $60. The closer to your departure date the more they are :( . I booked my Oktoberfest flight to late and had to pay $102 instead of 80. The best place to look for flights is skyscanner.com. Trust me you will find the cheapiest flights going any and everywhere! In regards to living, try to stay in hostels with groups of friends. I never stayed in one therefore I will not talk anymore about it, but I did book 4 so far so stay posted! People have told me hostels are great ways to meet new people!

Stay posted:)

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