I’ve been out the country before but it’s all different now

That was 10 years ago

I did not know a majority of the people I know today

The life lessons I learned are uncountable


My goodbye summer and hello school routine is a tad bit different now

Instead of driving down to South Jersey I’m flying to Heathrow Airport

The familiar schedules and faces I’m used to will all be on pause for now

Instead I’ll be surrounded by strangers who are claimed to be my life changing friends

Living a semester where everyday is truly something unique


I get homesick easily so I can only ask myself what will I do

I also wonder about who will I meet

What will I do, where will I go

Will I come back different

Good or bad different


I didn’t even leave yet, and I can only wonder where will I go next

The world has so much to offer, embrace, and learn

I can only imagine what I will find out about myself in London

It’s sad how much the average person does not get to see

Many blame it on money I believe were all to scared

Comfort is reassuring, but stepping out the box is exciting


We need more people willing to step out the box

To learn about others and their self

Comfort can lead to assumptions which can lead to racism and discrimination

Stereotypical jokes come from the same people who are blinded by all the culture the Earth has to offer

Vacations are cool but embracing one’s culture is a life changing experience I’m always down to take

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