How Do I Do It?

It’s funny when people ask me “How do you do it, aren’t you tired?” Or my other favorite response is “Woah I could never!” To all the people who bless me with their questions and comments: Are your comments supposed to reassure me? Because sometimes they’re like an annoying smack in the face.   I’m […]


It’s been about 8+ months since I graduated from school and been home. I honestly have never felt so disconnected from everything at this place I call home. Funny right? So distracted by friends, parties, social media, and everything else that falls in between. I could never understand why people hate or are even scared […]

What now?

I’m at the point in life where I’m conflicted. The world is mine, it’s at my fingers tips. I wanna do every and anything, yet at that same moment I’m scared. A thought it more easier than an act, ya know. Following all these solo travelers is such a tease. I just wish I can […]